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Particular Audience's system leverages first-party client data, directly gathered from client interactions, combined with detailed product metadata to deliver personalized product discovery journeys. Our system ingests anonymized, implicit behavioral signals to tailor customer experiences. These signals include:

  • Impressions: What customers see on pages via widgets such as recommendation carousels, bundles, etc.
  • Views: Specific product views that customers are directly looking at.
  • Clicks: Interactions with items that capture their interest.
  • Purchase Events: Transactions where items are ultimately bought.

These behavioral signals are captured and processed by our Event APIs to power our Recommendations AI, ensuring each customer's experience is relevant and engaging.

Integration with Event APIs:

Event data not only powers our Recommendations AI but is also crucial for Analytics. Correct configuration and triggering of events is essential to maintain data integrity and to ensure the effectiveness of recommendations and analytics. Below are the Event APIs available for integration with Particular Audience's system:

Event APIs: